Episode 20 – “Pointer Power” – Interview with Egil Ellis

Episode 20 This interview is with Egil Ellis- Join us as we get to know a renowned sprint musher and learn about his journey from Sweden to Alaska.  With humble scandinavian beginnings, Egil and his wife Helen have built up an amazing kennel and track record.  Their dogs are all over the world.  Sprint racing took on some real speed when the pointer crosses hit the circuit and this kennel had a lot to do with it!  Enjoy the ride and hold on!  Visit Egil’s Web site at www.egilellis.com

Thank you Sherry and Russ from Mancelona Michigan for a wonder Full Moon Fall Fling Event.  Looking forward to 2009!  www.russ-stickacres.com/

No vet tip this week, but listen to some Special Live Kennel Tips.

Episode 16 – “1 Second to Spare!” – Hear an Interview with Jessica Klejka about this year’s Jr. Iditarod

Episode 16 Hear an Interview with Jessica Klejka as she describes this year’s Jr. Iditarod- This year turned out to be a photo finish year for the Jr. Iditarod.  In this interview, Jessica tells us how she prepared and won this years 150 mile race.  It wasn’t easy; it wasn’t a piece of cake, but it sure was fun.  Listen in as Jessica describes the race, the challenges, and what it was like to be first across the finish line.  I know you’re going to love this interview.  It is filled with awesome stories and inspirational messages about Jessica and her family’s journey into the Jr. Iditarod’s history books.

Story 10 – Stories From Shony – “Iditarod Part 2”

Story 10 – Stories from Shony – “Iditarod Part 2”

This story is about leadership and following the commands of the Master.  As the race continues to the Yukon and beyond, listen to the brave move of a musher as he battles the elements and strengthens his team through calm commands and insight to put Wings in the lead.  Join Shony as she shares with the pups in the kennel about the blizzard and trials of the Southern Route.  Will the Mushers move pay off, will he survive, will the team keep going?  All these questions will be answered in Story 10.  Come join us in the Last Great Race on Earth.    Download the Southern Route Map Here.  Right Click and click “Save As”

Episode 13 – Everyone’s Got an Eagle Summit – Hear an Interview with Frank Turner

Episode 13 – Hear an Interview with Frank Turner – Yukon Quest Veteran and Owner of Muktuk AdventuresThis interview with Frank Turner is geared around dog sledding and the Yukon Quest.  Frank talks about the course, the challenges, and the incredible adventures the Quest offers.  Join us as we listen to the riveting climax as Frank and the Yukon Quest Racers overcome the awesome obstacles and natures best challenges.  This interview is filled with deeper meaning and is a must listen for every strong willed, adventurous musher.  You’ll never look at dog sledding the same way again.     http://www.muktuk.com/

Special Vet Tips5 Minutes with Dr. Tim HuntDr. Tim has provided us with a special Tip of the week: Doggie Dental Care .  Each episode, Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy and strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com

Story 6 – Stories From Shony – “A Tribute to Caleb”

Story 6 – Stories from Shony – “A Tribute to Caleb”

This story focuses on a recent passing of a wonderful Sled Dog named Caleb.  It has been a very difficult week for all of us and we thought it would help us to create a tribute to him and all the other wonderful companions, that are so much a part of our lives.  We’re not sure if you will like this story, but we all needed to say goodbye.  We aren’t 100% sure that all animals go to Heaven, but we know there are animals there, so lets hope so…

Episode 8 – “Three Sibes in Manhattan.” – Hear an Interview with Greg Sellentin from Mushing Magazine

Episode 8Hear an Interview with Greg Sellentin from Mushing Magazine – Successful publisher, and musher shares his adventure from Manhattan to Alaska! If you think you need to go through a lot to get your dogs trained, listen to the beginning trials of this musher!  His love for the sport compelled him to bring us the magazine, which over 5000 mushing enthusiasts read monthly.  Listen to Greg as he shares his beginnings in mushing and how he and his wife Jane pursured their ultimate dream of moving to Alaska and running Mushing Magazine.  Greg’s whit and interesting perspective of the sport of dogsledding are a perfect for Alaska.  Congratulations Greg and Jane.   Please visit his site at  www.mushing.com

Special Vet Tips – 5 Minutes with Dr. Tim Hunt.  Dr. Tim has provided us with a special Tip of the week; Training a Lead Dog.  Each episode, Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy and strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com