Episode 12 – A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats!” – Hear an Interview with Lance Mackey

Episode 12 – Hear an Interview with Lance Mackey – Iditarod & Yukon Quest Winner focuses on Promoting AlaskaThis interview with Lance Mackey will inspire and suprise you!  Big Time!  Lance’s passion and focus has lead to his success and increasing dedication to winning races.  This interview focuses on a mushers competitive spirit and how he has created a “Never Been Done” reality that will try many mushers skills.  You are not going to believe the last few minutes of the interview.  The interview with Lance twists and turn and then takes a hard 90 degree turn.  If you don’t laugh out loud, I will be shocked.  Write us and let us know what you think about Lance’s Spring Adventure that is coming up.  http://www.mackeyscomebackkennel.com/

Special Vet Tips5 Minutes with Dr. Tim HuntDr. Tim has provided us with a special Tip of the week: Kennel Options & Housing.  Each episode, Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy and strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com