Episode 21 – “A Bear to Contend With!” – Interview with Jason Barron

Episode 21 This interview is with Jason Barron- This week we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Jason Barron, winner of the 2009 John Beargrease race.   Listen in as Jason describes the John Beargrease Race and what it takes to win in todays mid- distance races.  We also hear a “hold on to your seats”, thriller story of he and his soon to be wife’s adventures on a glacer in the Iditarod.  Well, I guess I should really say Harmony’s thriller ride on the glacer and what you never want to have to see! Visit Jason and Harmony’s Web site at www.kanabearenterprises.com

Story 11 – Stories From Shony – “Iditarod Part 3”

Story 11 – Stories from Shony – “Iditarod Part 3”

This story is about realizing your purpose in life.  As the race continues to the Yukon and beyond, listen how Wings and the team overcome fear, doubt, and unbelief.  The suspense builds as the Musher leads the team over treacherous rivers and high forbidding cliffs, in the Greatest Race on Earth.  Join Shony as she shares the story of Wings and the race that taught the Musher, “what he could do”, and the team “what they can accomplish”, and the rest of the world, “what is possible”.   The message of this race is to remember that “For Such a Time as This!”, we are all created for a purpose.  Download the Southern Route Map Here.  Right Click and click “Save As”