Episode 10 – “Ski Dawg Ski” – Hear an Interview with Sara Vanderwood of Ski Dawg Ski

Episode 10Hear an Interview with Sara Vanderwood of Ski Dawg Ski- Gotta dog? Let’s ski! This interview with Sara covers the great sport of Skijoring, Scootering, and Canicross.  Sara provides detailed information on how to get started in skijoring and what equipment is needed.  She is also part of the Ski Dawg Ski Training Camp in Lake Placid and explains why it is the happening place to be in late December.  I loved this interview because Sara helps us understand how skijoring can be done by anyone with a dog and desire to strap on some skies.  www.skidawgski.com

Special Vet Tips – 5 Minutes with Dr. Tim Hunt.  Dr. Tim has provided us with a special Tip of the week: Dog Breeding.  Each episode, Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy and strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com

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Episode 10 - “Ski Dawg Ski” - Hear an Interview with Sara Vanderwood of Ski Dawg Ski

Episode 3 – “Fuel for the Trail” – Hear an interview with Dr. Tim Hunt

Episode 3Hear an interview with Dr. Tim Hunt – Vet and Dog Food Expert.

This is a double interview episode.  First we have Dr. Tim Hunt from Dr. Tim’s Pet Food Company and Bayshore Veterinary Hospital in Marquette, Michigan.   He helped us understand what to look for in a performance dog food and what not to do in feeding.  His passion for animals and desire to increase the quality of dog nutrition, come though in his voice and ideas about feeding.  www.drtims.com

Bonus Episode – Interview with Shilon Bedford from Black Ice Kennel and Dog Sledding Equipment.  She covers what to look for in puppies and shares how to test a puppy for special characteristics.  Please visit their site at www.blackicedogsledding.com.  They have everything to help the new musher get started and the expert win more races.  I especially love the book section of their site.  You  have got to see all the wonderful books they have.


Black Ice

Sled Dog Podcast
Episode 3 - "Fuel for the Trail" - Hear an interview with Dr. Tim Hunt

Episode 2 – “The Mountain Men”

Episode 2Hear an interview with Kathy Pickett – Nook Sack Racing

This interview is about making things happen.  How necessity has created businesses and help hundreds to learn about the sport of Dog Sledding.  Listen to Kathy tell us about the industry, years of racing, harnesses and generational vision.  Don’t forget to check out the Bikejoring BAY-o-net and all the other awesome items to help you win more races and enjoy the sport.   www.nooksackracing.com

Sled Dog Podcast
Episode 2 - "The Mountain Men"