Episode 5 – “All I wanted was a cat.” – Hear an Interview with Jon Little

Episode 5Hear an Interview with Jon Little- 5 time Iditarod Musher & Exclusive Writer for Cabela’s that covers the Iditarod.   Jon tells of his fascinating career and exciting adventures covering the “The Last Great Race.”  Listen as Jon teaches us how to manage a smaller but successful kennel and what it takes to stay competitive in the sport.    From one dog Skijoring to Cabela’s Reporter, Jon shares his story and life in the great state of Alaska.  Come join us in listening to Jon’s vivid descriptions of his race coverage and life as a journalist.  Visit Jon’s site at http://kasilofkennel.bravehost.com/

Special Vet Tips – 5 Minutes with Dr. Tim Hunt.  Dr, Tim is provided us with a special Tip of the week; Foot Care.  Each week Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy, strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com.

2 thoughts on “Episode 5 – “All I wanted was a cat.” – Hear an Interview with Jon Little”

  1. I discovered your podcasts this weekend and I’m really enjoying them. Better late than never. I certainly hope you do more.

    I went on my first sled ride in Feb. Can’t wait for snow so I’ve booked a cart ride for Oct in Vt. Thinking of trying a scootering lesson for me and my airedale terrier. Anyone ever tried mushing with an airedale?

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