Story 4 – Stories from Shony – “Running the Good Race!”

Story 4 – Stories from Shony – “Running the Good Race!”

This action packed story gives a behind the scene look at the sled dog race.  Listen as Shony and her kennel mates get ready for an exciting and adventurous sprint dog race.  Run hard, stay focused, and most importantly, please the master, is the discussion of the kennel.  Imaginations are running wild and nerves are tested as the team is gearing up for the challenge.

One thought on “Story 4 – Stories from Shony – “Running the Good Race!””

  1. i luv shonys stories so much!!!!!!!!! (i bet my teacher does to)…

    my teachers mrs.lipovsky…really

    sorry bout shony & have fun findin heer pups (i bet there the best heathiest most beutiful pups ever in the whole racin world)

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