The Bargello!

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Today I went to The Bargello!  Such a beautiful Building, and I never would have guessed it was a prison.   Construction began in 1255, and since then it has been used for everything from a house, to a prison, to a museum.  It is the oldest public building in Florence!

When you walk in you buy your ticket and go through the doors out to the large courtyard.  After admiring the museum outside, you walk through the gallery on the ground floor.   Filled with a plethora of stone and metal reliefs and statues, this first look gives you a good idea of what is to come!   Walking back through the courtyard, you head up the stairs to the first floor.(In Italy the “2nd” floor is the first floor, not the ground floor)  Sadly today the second floor was closed.  The first floor is where it all is.  Room upon room of artwork, sculpture, frescoes, jewelry, artifacts, and much more!  My favorite room was the Salone di Donatello, a large room that was designed for Donatello’s 500th birthday in 1887, and that has been left the same ever since.   It contains many of Donatello’s famous works including two of his Davids.  (I have a special liking for Donatello since our office space is in Piazza Donatello!)  Back outside to a patio that overlooks the courtyard and then back down the stairs.  The museum goes in a full circle around the building.  I didn’t know this until today, but apparently the museum closes at 1:30.  Thankfully I was finished when the Lady told me to that they were closed… And I knew what she was saying in Italian!!!  Yay!

So that is what happens when our schedule is open and you didn’t have ballet because the studio was closed for the day!  A great, amazing museum and a walk around the city, Thank you Jesus for a Great day!!!

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Sorry it has beed so long…


Hey everyone!

So, a ton has happened since I last posted… I’m sorry that I have been so terrible at posting. We are starting to slow down a bit from our really busy life, so I will be doing my best to post regularly!

Wow, I haven’t even posted about the first Gallery opening… OK! On Friday, October 24th at 7 o’clock we opened the Gallery doors to the public for the first time in over 70 years. We planned it all in just a few days, and the Lord really provided for everything. We finished the work on the gallery, brought in the art, hung the art, arranged musicians, found a caterer for orderves, printed invitations, and much more. And on top of that we filmed a documentary about the Gallery on the same day! That night people showed up at 6:45 wanting to know if they could start the trek up the 56 stairs. When people first got to the top they couldn’t believe what they saw, especially the Italians. We planed/hoped for about 50 people. We were planning for a low number dew to our short notice plans… We think we ended up having around total of 150! Praise the Lord! Grayson spoke and sheared the gospel. We danced in the middle of the floor and it was so cool to see the Lord working while we were dancing. I love to watch peoples non-verbals and to see peoples faces chaining right in front of me while the Lord was moving was such a blessing! All in all the night was a total success! Thank you Jesus! A few days latter Grayson and his family left to go back home. We were very sad to see them leave, but we know that the Lord has us here for a specific reason and all we really need is Him!

So… more updates to come! Have a great day and thanks for the Prayers!



Walls are done!

The gallery is finished!!! Well almost, a few paint touch-ups and some cleaning, but other than that it is pretty much done! Here are some pictures showing the progression of the walls.

We had to build free-standing walls to hang the artwork due to the age of the building. I mean, who would want holes put into a 450+ year old historical landmark?

Now the next thing is for an artist to come, and then we can hold our first Exhibition. Along with an artist.

Moving along!

Buongiorno Tutti!

Hello everyone!

Things are going well here in Florence! We have been delayed in many things, but when things happen they fly like a whirl wind… all in all God is faithful and things are happening in His perfect timing, even though we would like them to go a little faster.


We had to build seven (huge) free standing wall in our exhibition hall, because the building is a historical landmark and in order to preserve the structure we can not put anything on the walls. So, it has taken almost the whole time that we have been here to find the wood and materials needed, get it to our obscure location, build the walls, wait for the rest of our equipment to get in(and pray for it to get here this week), finding the right paint, looking for an office/gallery/dance space, painting the walls(this week), securing our artist, making contacts here in Florence, and the list goes on and on… And that is just the Gallery part! But the Lord is doing this and not us. We are merely the tool that He is using to spread His name. His will will be done whether we obey Him or not, but we really want to be a part of what is happening. So we are pressing in and seeking Him more then ever so that we don’t make a wrong turn and miss out on the amazing plan that He has. Italy also is a very different culture and things don’t typically work the same way as they do in the States… We have been having fun learning what those differences are and learning to work with them. And in many situations seeing the Lord work around them and getting the glory for the impossible!


God is doing/going to do something really really big here… And He really has something neat planed for Florence! I can’t wait to see how the next few months turn out! Sorry I haven’t posted pictures of the Gallery, we will when everything is official.

Ways to pray this week:
For extra grace to learn the language
That we would acquire and be able to move into an office space this week
That all of our supplies for the gallery would come in this week
That the right artist would come forward and work with us
For His wisdom and understanding to finish the Gallery and start the office space
That the government would work with us speedily on legal matters
For peace and a clear vision of what is going on and what our mission is
For Joy
For Healing and Rest (in the Lord and physically)
For revival for Florence
For local Italians to befriend us to (1) help us learn the language and (2) to help share the Gospel

Wow that is long but it all need prayer! Thank you! Jesus is on the throne and He deserves all the Praise! Blessings form Florence!

From the Mitten to the Boot!

It wasn’t till the day before we left that I was showing a little friend of mine where I was going on a map.  I said, “here is where we are right now in the “Mitten” (Michigan) and this is where I am going all the way over to the… “Boot”(Italy)!  From the Mitten to the Boot, God is so amazing and continues to show us little things that only by Him could connect!


So a few weeks ago I left the “mitten” and now we are settling into the boot”!  It has been one Miracle after another, literally!   The Lord has been and is before us in everything.  This past week and a half in Florence has only happened because of Him, because this is His work and He is simply using us.


My mom left on Tuesday this week and is home safe and sound!  Thank you mommy for everything, you are awesome and I love you so so much!  Rachel’s mom is still here for another week, which will be great so that we can have another week with a mom!


On Monday we went back to school, or for me the first time.  We are taking Italian and then go directly from there to dance class.  After dance we meet our teem and now we are starting to build the interior of our building.  Lots of work and lots and lots of stairs…   I have done more walking in the past two weeks then I have done in my whole life, but I love not having to have a car and go everywhere (within reason) by foot.


Florence is beautiful and I am having fun getting to know the culture and the people.  It truly is amazing what the Lord is doing and I am so thankful that He has called us here!  All the Praise to Him!  Blessings!


Hello from Berlin!

Guten Tag Alle!


Greetings to everyone from Germany!


Praise the Lord we made it safely to Germany! Our flight from Detroit to Newark was delayed dew to bad weather in Newark, so as a result all of our flights were going to be delayed… But thankfully they transferred us to a much better, more direct flight with a better airline! After a great flight, and not much sleep, we landed in Berlin and were met by our lovely host Mr. Dorus. We arrived at the Dorus’ apartment and soon after fell asleep. We are so blessed by the Mihai and Carmen Dorus for opening up their house to us, they are so sweet!


Today, our first day that we didn’t sleep all day, we went to the Pergamon Museum, one of the lager museums on Museum Island. Museum Island is a group of five museums on the edge of the river Spree. We have been wanting to visit the Pergamon for a long time, because it house the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. The same gate that Daniel walked through when he was brought to Babylon. It is so amazing to walk in the same places where great, biblical characters once lived. So, we toured the museum, eat some lunch, walked through the Brandenburg Tor, and climbed all hundreds of steps to the top of the Siege Saule, got a cafe to stay awake, and found our way home to eat dinner! All in all a great day with so much accomplished!


The Lord is so good and is going before us every step of the way! Praise Him! I hope everyone had a great first day of school and I hope you have great week! Will try to keep you updated…:)

Blessings from Berlin!