Welcome to Called to Europe!

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Hey there, my name is Elizabeth Dewey!  This fall I will be moving to Italy to share the love of Christ with the people of Florence.  I am a Ballerina by trade, who has a love for God and a love for the arts.  I have always felt called to missions, and especially “Called to Europe”.  And now, after finishing two years of training at Ballet Magnificat!, the Lord has opened a door for me to follow Him and reach the people of Florence, Italy!

I will be working with a team (for at least two years) to spread the gospel through the arts.  Yes, the arts!  (Dance, music, and of course visual art.)  By using what we do best, we will display not only “art”, but a glimpse of something that the people of Florence may never have seen before, the love and the freedom of our Lord Jesus Christ!   We will be doing ground breaking work these next few years, and I am extremely excited to what the Lord has in store.  I am grateful for your prayers, and if you feel led, your support.  Thanks for reading and following my blog (I will try and keep up as best as I can).



Florence, Italy – the birth place of art as we know it!