Traditional Irish Dance

Classes are held in the traditional Irish style, with encouragement, strict guidance and energy.  There is a clear path that the Irish dancer takes, so the dancer at any age advances and feels a sense of accomplishment.  Culture and the teaching of Gaelic is done in every class to carry on the traditions of Ireland.

Competition and Teacher testing in Irish Dance is available through this studio, but not manditory.  Performing is done through Gina’s select performing troupe:  The Northern Lights Irish Dancers.  If it is your goal to perform, share that passion with Gina and she will direct you.

If you are currently looking for a teacher to hold classes in your northern Michigan area, please contact Gina at her home phone:  (231)-779-9976 or

Classes currently being taught:

PRE-IRISH (4-6 yrs)
This class is for 4-6 year olds that want to learn Irish dance.  They will learn the first two steps of the Irish Jig, but also learn rhythm, counting and creative movement appropriate for Irish dance.  The dancers will also learn about Irish culture and language.  This class is geared on fun, but also implementing the steps as they are ready.

BEGINNING IRISH (6 yrs and up)
This class is for 6-adults that want to learn Irish dance.   They will learn the jig and a ceili (folk dance).  This class moves quickly and focuses on dance, though is repetitive.  It is a great chance to exorcise as well!  The dancers will also learn culture and language while they are on their toes!

Continuing IRISH 1  (6 yrs and up)
This class is for students who know the jig and 1 ceili.   They will learn another 2 dances during this class as well as another ceili.  This class also prepares the students who want to perform.


This class continues on in soft shoe dances as well as implementing hard shoes.  It is geared heavily on technique and form, focusing on perfecting the dances learned as well as learning new dances.

Private classes also available at a higher fee.

Summer camps and workshops through the year are also available.  Please contact Gina to have one in your area, and to find out if one is scheduled near you.