The Big Picture of NLIDA


Hi my name is Gina Dewey and though I have been dancing all of my life, I starteGina 1d Irish dancing in 2003 with my daughters.   I enjoyed competing as much as they did and achieved Open Level status in competition.   Since I pretty much teach whatever I have a passion for, I began teaching in 2008 and helped my students with competition and performing.  So really the NLIDA is a traditional school with a professional dance company as well.


My school is called the Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy and I teach at various locations in the Cadillac, Manton & McBain area.  If you are interested in classes taught by me, please email or call directly and I will direct you to the best location. Take a look at the class page and class schedule. My school joined up with the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA) and now adhere to their regulations regarding teaching and competing.

Classes are an hour long and are full of activity.  In an Irish Dance class, your dancer will learn steps to solo dances and group dances called Ceilis, rhythm, and Irish language.  Irish Dance is much more than dance and each dancer will be challenged in many ways.  The best part of Irish Dance is that at the end of a class you have something to show someone.  It is progressive and each class brings you to a higher level, so your dancer will feel fulfilled and will enjoy sharing what they learned.   I think those that love Irish love it because of the sense of accomplishment they feel and there is a clear path of what they will learn next.

NLID Company:

Back in 2009, we decided that we no longer wanted to spend all of  our time, effort and money to dance for one judge in a competition. Instead, we decided spend some of our time, effort and money to dance for many.   So, we got serious about performing and created The Northern Lights Irish Dancers.

The Northern Lights dancers love to perform! Our first desire is to share our love of Irish dancing with a show of solo dances and ceilis. If your venue would rather a story production performance, we can offer that as well.  We cater to each event and can give you a show of 30 minutes minimum to as long as you need.

Our performances consist of a combination of soft shoe and hard shoe dances and perform both traditional and contemporary Irish dance in costume to suit your needs. (Our hard shoes require a hard surface.)

The dancers range in age from 5 to 18, so we enjoy dancing in a family appropriate atmosphere. The dancers come from northwest Michigan and primarily dance for events in the north. We perform both traditional and contemporary Irish dance in costume to suit your needs. We have several costumes to perform in and come costumed to match the event.

We will entertain at your event with more than dance! Culture, language and song are also apart of our show. Your audience will be thrilled with the excellence of our dances as well as leave with some Irish knowledge and language.  I love talking with the audience as much as dancing!

Perhaps your audience would like to learn a little as well? A Ceili is an Irish folk dance that we perform, but we can also teach one to any audience. It is great fun and can be done for lots of occasions. We are happy to cater a workshop according to your needs.

If you want us to come around St. Patrick’s Day, please call well in advance.

Where do we perform:

City Festivals, Art Festivals, fundraisers, Christmas luncheons & dinners, nursing homes, schools, special events…

We can perform outside or inside upon a wood or tile surface or stage.

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