NLID St. Patrick’s Day School Blitz

WOW!  Our tour began on Friday, March 15th and after weeks of rehearsing the dancers were eager to hit the stage tapping!

Our fist school was St. Ann’s in Cadillac, which is a friendly school school to wake up and give them a warm St. Patrick’s Day greeting!  We have been coming to St. Ann’s for 5 years and are amazed that they call us to celebrate with them each year!

Our second school was also a return.  At 10:00 we arrived at Lincoln School in Cadillac.  This is the school of one of our newest members Rylie.  She was super excited to show her classmates all that she has been learning since being selected to join our troupe.

We traveled north next to a new school to us.  Boy were we excited when we arrived at Manton Elementary.  We were able to dance on a real auditorium stage with great speakers.  Our crowd was more than happy to see a full blown out program and the dancers were really on their toes for them.   Many students have come to the Cadillac YMCA to take lessons for Irish, so we were glad as well that they could enjoy!


The last school was also new to us and that was Mackinaw Trail back in Cadillac.  This is a 5 & 6th grade school with over 400 students.   We enjoyed their spacious gym and their loud cheers!

All and all, we had an excellent day.  We danced for over 1000 people and our selected dances and performance brought much cheering and joy to those who got to watch!