Ludington Oktoberfest with an Irish Twist!

October 6, 2012

Time for Food!!!!!
Cooped up together in the NLID’s Van

This was a trip of faith!  Pouring rain all the way to Ludington…will we be dancing or will we head home??  As our vans reached Ludington, the skies cleared up and the ground was dry; it was amazing!  Then my heart starting thumping when I saw no Oktoberfest on Main Street!   Thankfully I saw some barricades and realized they moved it to a side street!

What a wonderful fall day dancing in the beautiful city of Ludington!  We had a great attendance and lots of people willing to learn a Ceili with us.

We danced from 1-3 and at 4:00. there was a Celtic band, who invited us back to dance with them!  The dancers were pretty hungry so we went for a bite to eat and back to dancing we went!  So fun for us to dance to live Celtic music!

All and all, it must have been meant to be to have the Irish invade the Germans!