Irish Dance Stories NOW available

Reading stories has always been a love of mine and writing them is another.  I believe have every child’s Irish dance story written and have read them to my students multiple times.   So what does one do when, you run out of stories to read?  Create your own!   After a busy summer of writing, Gina Dewey and her illustrator mother, Sharon Iavasile, have 5 Irish Dance Stories!  All them are based on a proverb that builds character and morals.

For years I have watched my mother Sharon Iavasile paint and take art classes.  I am the proud owner of many of her water colors which hang on my walls.  When I told her she was going to start painting Irish dancers, she was a bit hesitant, but now she is in full swing.  It is great fun giving life to my stories through my own mother’s hand.  She loves seeing purpose to her years of classes as well.

Three of the stories are already available on Amazon.  One is about to be published and the other is about to be illustrated!

One Brick at a Time

A Choice of the Heart

Mary’s Heart

If you have an Irish Dancer, these stories are a must, young and old!  If you just love Irish dancing and want to encourage someone young, these books are for you as well.