Finally St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

It is day 3, but truly the day we are dancing about!

Off to Traverse City to Great Wolf Lodge!  There, they set a stage up for us in the lobby and we danced from 10-12.   We gave the guests at Great Wolf Lodge 2 outstanding performances back to back and then offered all the bathing suit clad people a chance to learn a ceili in the end!

Such a fun way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day!

Next we ventured back to Cadillac to offer the area YMCA, where I teach Irish Dance, and did the Community Ceili instruction.  We so thrilled to be able to perform for so many on our breaks as well.  The community was able to learn Walls of Limerick and Siege of Ennis within the 2 hour time form 2-4.

With some nourishment, laughter and rest, the troupe headed south of Cadillac to Tustin’s private retreat called the Ketunnen Center.  Here a very special Irish band called Mulligan Stew was waiting for us play for the guests of this last Irish celebration.

What better way to end St. Patrick’s day than with a rocking Irish band playing our tunes?  So, we reeled, jiged and hornpiped for the corn beef satisfied folk with live music.

In the end, we gave them a couple of our performance pieces to remember us by.  Also, a few guests wanted to learn the jig!

3 days…11 performances…15 dedicated dancers…1000s of people!  Those numbers may not add up, but to the Northern Lights Irish Dancers, the math worked out just fine.  Thank you to all who hired us, watched us, clapped for us, danced with us and made the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day tour the best we have ever done!