Fall into Irish Dance

It’s almost here…Labor Day.  For the NLID, it is the last performance of the summer.  For the NLIDA, it is time for classes to begin again.  I am so excited to return to both McBain and Manton again this year and also resume classes at the Cadillac town studio on 13th Street.  I get to welcome back many students in the various offered classes, though I was able to see lots of students at summer camps this summer.

One of the best things about Irish is that once you complete and perfect a step, another one is coming.  It is very rewarding and focused.  Each dancer knows what they need to do and where they are heading.  This is not true with other dance genres.  The hardest thing about Irish is if a dancer doesn’t practice or has to miss class.  Irish keeps continuing and if you don’t practice or miss class you can fall behind.  The dancer that thrives on that, is the Irish Dancer.

I am believing for an epic year at NLIDA.  We have a new Story Piece in the works called Patrick’s Purpose and competitions right around the corner.  We will also continuing bring The Irish Prodigal to different places.   Lots of performances up ahead as well