Current Classes, Camps & Workshops

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BEGINNING IRISH (6 yrs and up)
This class is for 6-adults that want to learn Irish dance. They will learn the jig and a Ceili (folk dance). This class moves quickly and focuses on dance, though is repetitive.

CONTINUING IRISH (6 yrs and up)
This class is for students who know the jig and 1 Ceili. Students will learn another 2 dances during this class as well as another ceili. This class also prepares students who want to perform.

ADULT IRISH:   These classes allow you to learn in an adult atmosphere the same things you would learn in any other class.  I like to focus on stretching a bit more and move at the pace of the overall class.

CEILI CLASS:                                                                                                                                                                                           This class focuses strictly on Irish folk dancing in a group. There are many to learn and class progresses through one at a time.   It is loads of fun and lots of exercise since it is similar to square dancing!

McBain Public School NLID 10

Classes are on Mondays after school in the elementary cafeteria through the school year.  McBain Day camp is June 24th- June28th 2019 from 9-12 located at McBain Elementary.

Manton Public School

Manton Irish Dance Club has classes after school on Thursdays through the school year.  Manton Irish Dance Camp is July 29th- August 2, 2019 from 9-12  located at Manton Elementary.


Home Studio Classes

Continuing Irish Dance: Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Privates available (Tuesdays & Fridays) (call to schedule)

Summer Cadillac Classes held at 601 Chestnut (Naval Reserve Building)

Tuesday classes:

4:30 Beginning Irish

5:30 Advanced Beginner



5:00 Intermediate

6:00  Drill/Prep Class


Please contact Gina directly for information at 231-779-9976.



Irish Dance Workshop

We run daily, or hourly workshops for groups, and studios.  A workshop is run like a mini-camp broken down into:  Steps, Ceili, Culture & Language.  This is a fabulous way to introduce Irish Dance and strengthen dancers in your area.


Irish Dance Camp

Each summer season, we hold 3-4 Irish Dance Camps.  They are filled with dancing, crafts, language and games!

Call 231-779-9976 to register your dancer today!

2019 Camps:

McBain:  June 24th week from 9-12

Cadillac:  July 222nd week from 9-12

Manton:  July 27th week from 9-12



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