What is a FEIS?

A Feis is an Irish Dance Competition, where dancers compete with solo and group (hand) dances.

Our school is apart of WIDA (World Irish Dance Association) and we adhere to their regulations regarding teaching and competing. WIDA Feiseanna (competitions) are open to ALL dancers from ALL organisations in the world. (Dancers can also be independent, i.e. do not have to be part of an organisation or dance school.)

The NLIDA holds two annual Feiseanna; The Birch Run Feis, and The Apple Slice Feis.

The main purpose of WIDA is to promote Irish dancing around the world, while striving to ensure the best possible experience for each individual on their level of involvement in Irish dance. This is encouraged through an open and friendly culture, which is always present at WIDA events, despite the competitive nature of modern Irish dance.

Feis Time!