Tuition and Rates

Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet– Although we supplement with other styles, our main focus is the Vaganova Method. This training system is designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. We start our dancers with full classical classes at age 7, but our Creative Ballet classes (3-6 yo.) also follow this style.

Contemporary- Contemporary or Modern Dance is free flowing, inspirational, and creative.  From technique and choreography, to improvisation, this form of dance is always fun!

Fusion– A combination of contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and more. This fun and energetic class is great for anyone who wants to dance in a non traditional way. Ages 6+.

Creative Ballet– A great intro to ballet, and dance in general. Our littlest dancers (ages 3-6) learn to move, stretch, interpret music, and more.

Worship – Learn how to praise and worship the Lord through the art of dance.  Students are taught some jazz, ballet, and contemporary technique, improvisation, and choreography.


Private lessons (1 hr.) = $ 35.00 per lesson

*Students may pay by month or by semester.

*Please note: Pricing for Irish Dance is different than the rest of the rest of the school.

Pricing bellow takes effect Jan. 2021.