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  • Sled Dog Rides in Cadillac Michigan – Dog Sled Rides in Michigan

    Sled Dog Rides

    Winter 2012-2013 we will be providing rides here in Cadillac Michigan.  Call us to book a ride.  We can’t wait to see you.  231-779-9976  Or go to our Kennel Page at http://vbs20.com/ShemhadarKennels/

    Shemhadar Kennels offers family fun runs in the midst of wooded acreage and fields for those looking to get a taste of dog sledding. We are located in Cadillac, which is about 1 1/2 hours north of Grand Rapids and about 3 hours from Detroit. Come for 1-4 hours of learning, riding and sharing in the sled dog adventure. Each group is different, so just call us and we will see how we can help you have fun.

    Our kennel is in the midst of 40 acres with acreage all around. Our rides are 2-3 miles long. The short distance allows us to have multiple people ride in a short time. Each tour package will include pictures of your adventure, and lots of barking!

    Give us a call or email us soon. Since we also actively race, our weekends are limited. Call or email for openings.  Talk to you soon.

    Call for details   231-779-9976

    or email

    tim at sleddogpodcast com

    If you are studying about dogsledding or the Iditarod, we have a wonderful series of Audio stories to listen to online or download.  Click Here to Access the Stories by Shony, the Retired Sled Dog.

    2010 Shemhadar Sled Dog Adventures 7s

    2010 Shemhadar Sled Dog Adventures 5

    2010 Shemhadar Sled Dog Adventures 3sShemhadar Kennel Trails in Cadillac MI


    Call us for more info or to book a ride.  231-779-9976