Enjoy the great outdoors, the excitement of dogsledding, and getting the thrill of running a dog sled team.  We have a special touring double sled that allows guests to stand and drive, or sit and enjoy, the awesome sport of dogsledding.  The rides travel through Shemhadar Kennels woods and allow your guest to get the full experience of dogsledding in a smaller amount of time.  The rides are 2-3 miles long, and you will travel with a driver behind you to coach you through the ride.  Don’t forget Hot Cocoa and Cookies, and as many hugs and pictures with the dogs as you would like.

Price for dog sled rides are by the hour not the ride, so family and friends are welcome. Even if they are not getting a ride, friends can listen to the instructions, learn about the dogs, and enjoy the great outdoors at Shemhadar Kennels. Usually we can get in 2 to 3 rides in per hour, so if there are 5 guests that would like rides, I would book at least two hours.  If you have 7 or 8 guests, book the full 4 hours and enjoy the day.

One hour rides – $150

Two hour rides – $300

Four hour rides – $500


Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com



Learn to mush!

Enjoy more time on the trail with Tim, Gina & their four-legged athletes… You’ll spend the first hour visiting the kennel where you’ll learn to harness, all about the sleds, how to hook up dogs and which dogs go best where.  Then, you’ll spend about 1.5 hours with the dog team out on the trails.  You’ll get to drive the touring double sled with a mushing coach and if you feel comfortable, you’ll get to drive your own team.

Learn to mush!  Try your hand at driving the sled —you can do it!  Expert guidance and instruction provided.  Enjoy Michigan’s untouched wilderness and our scenic/varied terrain behind a team of dedicated huskies.  Warm drinks and lunch provided.  A 3½ to 4 hour experience.  This is the real deal, you will mush!

They may pull you on a traditional sled with 2, 4, 6 dogs, when the snow conditions are suitable!  Price:  $500-$750 total – 1-6 person maximum;  Single rider: $325-$500.  Please realize, we will be out in the cold for up to 4 hours, so having young children will be difficult (although they can ride along) because of the maturity levels needed to be responsible for the team.  Guests MUST be physically fit.  Usually starts at 10am.  Additional non-riding participants can join you for $20/ea   Please, cash only.

Please see FAQ page for specifics and restrictions, including fitness levels.


Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com



Experience, learn and enjoy doggie kisses!

For those that want to visit without taking rides

Every month we offer a morning presentation at our wooded home trails for those who prefer just a taste of dogsledding.  You’ll enjoy an extensive talk about the sport of mushing including history, sleddog training, breed info, equipment, racing insight and much more….as detailed and entertaining as the

audience permits.  Of course you’ll get to meet and hug some fuzzy pups too if we have a litter when you’re here.  The presentation and kennel tour is open to the public on reservation basis — we start promptly and end on time —  so come for the full experience from 10:00am to Noon..  Dates/times are posted here when scheduled.  It’s fun, educational and entertaining!   Presentation only– does not include a ride.  IF it

is cool enough, we try to show a dog team working.

Price:  $20/ person.   Cash or check only please.

Please Note  this is not  an “OPEN HOUSE” — (i.e. please do not “drop in” without a reservation).

Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com



Short rides and doggie kisses!

If your group would like to visit our kennel and experience a ride too — reserve “A Taste of Mushing for Groups.”  We’ll give your gang (family reunions, birthday parties, work office outings, friends with kids, etc) a 2-4 hour experience to include a custom kennel visit and short rides for everyone.  This works well when each person would like to taste (and more importantly, see and feel) a dogsled in action…

And unlike the program “The Mushing Sport” presentation described above, the group will get a presentation, and feel the thrill of a dog sled rides.  If your group is very large, some can ride while others enjoy the kennel tour only and watch the dog teams pulling the riders.  Believe me… it’s just about as fun to watch the teams come and go!  It’s all about seeing the dogs enjoying pulling a sled!

Price:  At a group rate, we start at $125 hour depending on the size of your group.  We can make each experience unique to your group’s needs.

Rides are not suitable for most kids under 4 years of age (but they can visit with you) and toddlers must ride on an adult’s lap.  Additional non-riding participants can join for $20/each.  FAQ page for specifics and restrictions.

Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com



We come to you and teach how to dog sled.  We’ll visit your school, special event, corporate meeting, church or family get together.  We’ll bring a Siberian or two and mushing equipment along with our entertaining and informative dogsledding presentation. Enjoy the show, meet the four-pawed powerhouse, and have all your questions answered in an hour or two (as long as you like.).  We’ve given many well received presentations both nearby and far.  We’ve been enlisted by schools, corporate retreats, professional training conferences, fundraisers and park services.

Price based on distance, length and type of presentation.  Starting price: $500.


Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com



We can do anything!

Just about anything you have in mind can be accommodated.  A romantic dogsled run with your darling complete with sweets and flowers?  We can do it.  An in-depth learning experience by apprenticing in our dog yard?  Birthday party?   Kid’s camp? How fun!! Even complete roughing it over nights. Please use your imagination and call or email.

Price dependent on request.

Call for details 231-779-9976 or email  tim at sleddogpodcast com